Projects undertaken

To provide more concrete evidence of our consultants abilities, the following are projects they have either participated in or managed to a successful conclusion :

Version upgrade

  • Calypso from 10 to 11
  • Calypso from 11 to 13
  • Calypso from 13 to 14


  • Murex : migration of OpenLink's Front-Office to Murex 2.13
  • Siebel : migration of Notes to Siebel for the purposes of IRD and FXD related business.
  • Summit : migration of rate derivatives and credit activities from Calypso to Summit


  • KTP to Calypso
  • In-house software to Calypso/Murex


  • front-to-back office deployment (Calypso and Murex) encompassing IRD and FXD
  • front-to-back office deployment (Calypso) for lending/borrowing management
  • illiquid credit derivatives pricing tool
  • .net platform for vanilla and structured credit derivatives

Tool selection

  • choosing and selection of a software package to manage repurchase agreements

Collateral Management

  • Repurchase agreements, securities lending
  • OTC (Fixed income and equity)


  • Dodd-Frank, EMIR, Facta, MIFID
  • MAS
  • KPI
  • Clearing (CCP platforms: CME, ICE, LCH, etc.)
  • Risk (market, operational and credit)


  • CMMI
  • Combined
  • Agile

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