Our values

ExpertEase Partners specialises in several areas that are key to the successful completion of business transformation projects. Our clients are major players in the sector who attach great value to the expertise, reliability and responsiveness we provide.


The kinds of services that we provide require the selection of the best professionals in their fields of expertise in order to bring our clients’ projects to fruition. Consultants must, almost without exception, be in possession of skills in at least three areas (technical, operational and project management). They have a wealth of experience and the personal qualities necessary to meet the challenges awaiting them (a disciplined approach, good communication skills, the ability to work under stress, etc.).

Our approach is therefore simple and straightforward: all the candidates we present are successful, established professionals within the sector.


Transparency is one of the founding principles of our organisation. Our experience of the consultancy profession has convinced us that transparency contributes to the successful provision of a service. It is not unusual to encounter areas of conflict when undertaking a project, and these can arise from various external sources :

  • scope of work inadequately explained to the consultant,
  • consultant's professional profile not well-matched to the position,
  • inaccurately defined working hours, working locations or financial conditions.
The success of a project also depends on the combined effect of these various elements. The overriding aim is to provide stability and ensure the right consultants work on the right projects.


ExpertEase Partners' ambition is to provide consultants with a whole new model. This is why we have set up a company created by consultants for consultants (hence the choice of the word Partners as part of the actual company name). Each client/consultant collaboration is viewed as a win-win partnership. We are therefore in a better position to understand the details of the projects we are tasked to undertake and to precisely evaluate the benefits the right consultant/project match can bring to both the consultant and the client.

Additionally, our partners help preventing the recruitment of the wrong person for the job, thereby saving time for project managers, for whom recruitment is a time-consuming activity. This close working relationship is particularly appreciated by the consultant as he/she benefits from the feedback provided by the partners.

Client satisfaction

The aim of ExpertEase Partners' consultants is to provide their clients with a high quality service. Though this may seem an obvious or indeed basic and simple principle, it cannot be properly achieved without expert management of various additional factors :

  • understanding the requirements
  • taking responsibility for the success of the project
  • commitment to the project as it gets fully underway
  • reliable reporting
  • the ability to communicate information properly to enable project managers to make decisions

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